Allegium Prevention Training Solutions for Private Drivers

Improve your safety, learn how to save up to 25% of fuel and money plus contribute to countable climate protection. Allegium Safety or Fuel-Efficiency Training for cars or vans up to 3.5 tons GVM is driving fun with impressive effects. Even if you think you already know it all: Try it out in practice with one of our expert trainers and you will be surprised and delighted by the output of Allegium Training as thousands of other drivers already were. No matter how good you drive, Allegium makes you even better.

Allegium Training is an intensive 1:1 coaching based on your individual knowledge and driving skills. It is NOT a driving school lesson though – for quality reasons – all Allegium trainers have to be driving instructors. The training is interactive, supportive and non-evaluating. With Allegium, customer is king: The trainer takes your wants and needs into account leading to a joint decision which individual skills to enhance.

Once you decided on Safety or Eco-Driving, there are different training designs you may choose from, for example short or long, in a group or 1:1. Just click on respective Safety Training (On-road Safety & Eco Training / Safety Classroom Training) or Eco-Driving Training (Short Duration Training / On-road Safety & Eco Training) to open the Training Portfolio for private drivers. Allegium will enjoy helping you to find your optimum training.