Training Solutions

Often just training drivers is not enough. Sustainable effects of training measures require preparation and planning.

Allegium offers target group specific driver training solutions.

Special needs for fleet customers who aim to lower costs, emissions and accidents are considered as well as retailers who plan exciting promotional events, relevant and beneficial for their customers. Implementing trainings and to fully make use of the benefits of trained drivers, a long term strategic approach is required.

Allegium experts will help you to establish a sustainable communication strategy, identify the potentials through risk-assessment and monitoring tools, provide a representative training setting and analysis of training results.

Allegium fleet training
Allegium fleet training

Fleet Training Solutions

Allegium supports fleet managers who aim to minimize costs in terms of accident reduction, fuel saving and reduction of vehicle wear-and-tear. We provide safety and fuel-efficiency trainings for fleet drivers in many countries. There are specific training designs for cars or vans up to 3.5 tons GVM and for trucks or busses. These training courses are available as Short Duration-, Half- or Full-Day-Training, on- or off-the-job. 

A most recent trend to deal with are Electric Vehicles. Changing company fleets from combustion engines to EVs or hybrids is not just changing cars. It is also neccessary to include drivers into the change management process to avoid negative effects or rejection.

Beside conducting high quality training Allegium provides consultancy on the most efficient implementation of training measures. This includes:

  •  Driver and company risk assessment to identify the most efficient training measures 
  • Internal and external communication of training measures
  • Monitoring and evaluation of results (short term/ long term)
  • Set-up a represantative training framework (incl. incentives and edutainment aspects)  to foster positive reception and storytelling of drivers
  • Customization of standardized trainings to specific requirements

Customer branding of training and seminars as well as training in countries without existing trainer-infrastructure may also be realized.

 Please contact us for more details and non-binding offer.

Training solutions for events and communication activites

Allegium driver trainings are a useful tool to enhance your sustainability events and communication. Actively involving stakeholders (e.g clients or journalists) and providing first hand experience on saving potentials is a good way to to raise awareness for your sustainability activities. Allegium driver training courses are designed as infotainment. Generating content and delighted attendants our on-road training has proven to enhance public events effectively. The impression of fun and individual satisfaction positively influences image and reputation of the organiser. Besides implementing and conducting trainings we also offer to:

  • Support your communication activities
  • Set-up a represantative training framework (incl. incentives and edutainment aspects)  to foster positive reception and storytelling of drivers
  • Customization of standardized trainings to specific requirements
  • providing co-branded training materials

Allegium will support you in choosing the most efficient training for your planned activities.

Please contact us for more details and non-binding offer.

Allegium prevention training

Development of new Driver Training Concepts or Programs

Looking for tailor made solutions?

Allegium offers to design completely new driver trainings on driving safety, Eco-Driving or a respective combination, tailor-made for our clients. Allegium will carry out an individual need assessment as basis for consulting on implementation. After that, the new training concept or program will be developed. Expert trainers will be schooled on specific content with optional certification. Finally, the new concept or program will be rolled-out in training courses in selected countries, adapted to the respective national specifics.

Realization of non-Allegium Driver Training Concepts or Programs

You alredy have a high quality training program and are looking for a partner to roll it out in different countries?

Allegium offers to operate driver training concepts or programs designed by a third-party, if content and didactics comply with Allegium minimum quality standards. The client’s added value is Allegium´s dense network of high-quality trainers as well as  the management of roll-out activities. Furthermore, all necessary trainer insurances are included as well as consulting in regard to all issues involving the customer.

Allegium also adapts the training concept to national specifics in countries where the training shall be carried-out. Subsequently, Allegium conducts Train-the-Trainer seminars on the third-party concept with optional certification. 

Please contact us for more details and non-binding offer.

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