Trainer Academy

Allegium operates a Train-the-Trainer (TTT)-Academy on driving safety and fuel-efficient driving for cars/ vans and for trucks/ busses. Driver trainers matching Allegium minimum requirements are invited to further education, i.e. to comply with ECOWILL quality standards. Certification on DIN EN ISO 17024 for dedicated German Eco-Driving Program “SWU“ by DVR is also possible. Moreover, Allegium TTT-Academy offers specific education and certification on Allegium Training Concepts or third-party Driver Training Programs developed or adapted by Allegium.

Tests and certification of the acquired qualification is supplied by independent third-party expert institutions.

Allegium can provide these Train-the-Trainer seminars at clients´ locations anywhere in the world. The Training Concepts will be adapted to the respective national specifics and trainees’ requirements. Allegium academy instructors are “Global Master Black Belt Trainers“, highly experienced experts. These top trainers are best-in-class in health & safety and fuel efficiency driver training  and the avant-garde in coaching didactics.

Contact us to become part of our international trainer network for dedicated Allegium driver trainings.