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Final Event “Project Week – Electromobility @BBZ Grevenbroich”

The Ford Fund sponsored “Project Weeks on Electromibility” @ BBZ Grevenbroich  have been successfully completed. And with a significant achievement: after passing the final test, the students received their certificates as “Qualified persons for high-voltage vehicle technology” in accordance with statutory accident insurance regulations. The donation of the Ford Fund helped to create state of the art teaching materials to convey basic knowledge on EV-mobility and high voltage training as well as the certification of teachers as experts meaning that knowledge and skills in dealing with high-voltage systems can be passed on to students, taking into account the legal requirements of accident insurance not only for th participanting pupils within the project weeks. Thus the donation for the project weaks also helped levaraging synergies.

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Smart Mobility Challenge 2023/24 

Cologne,  January 30th 2024 –The Ford Fund Smart Mobility Challenge, a cooperation between the Ford Foundation “Ford Fund” and the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year. In an extremely close final, the “Breaking Barriers” student project came out on top against strong competitors +Bag and Mein4tel.

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Allegium is a new Member of the German Road Safety Council (DVR e.V.)

Berlin, December 13th 2023 – After nearly 12 years cooperation Allegium became a new member of the German Road Safety Council (DVR e.V.). During the General Meeting on December 13th Allegiums CEO Tarek Nazzal was also elected in the DVR Board Committee for Young Drivers.

The members of the Young Drivers Committee develop positions aimed at improving the road safety of young drivers. They primarily concern practical and theoretical driver training and further training and the framework conditions for young people’s participation in road traffic.

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Ford Fund Smart Mobility Accelerator

Loughborough, September 14th – 15th, 2023

The Ford Motor Company Fund, the philanthropic arm of Ford, has been working with its international funding partner Global Giving since 2018 to support young students in developing innovative solutions to mobility challenges. A considerable pool of start-up initiatives has emerged under the title “Ford Fund Smart Mobility Challenge” also from the TH-Cologne proudly supported by Allegium.
Now the Ford Fund supports young student start-up teams with a new accelerator program to advance their mobility start-ups and expertise. Lynes a start-up team that emerged from the Smart Mobility Challenge at the TH Cologne takes 1st place in the Start-Up Challenge and thus receives additional funding of EUR 15,000…

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Ford Fund Smart Mobility Challenge 2022/23 @TH-Cologne

Cologne, Januar 31st 2023 – The TH-Cologne student project uni.GO is the big winner of the Ford Fund Smart Mobility Challenge 2022/23. On Thursday, January 19th, 2023, the three finalists uni.GO, un.ap and OURCity presented their project progress to the jury, consisting of representatives of the TH Cologne with the chairs of “Automotive Engineering” and “Corporate Architecture”, the automobile manufacturer Ford and its non-profit foundation Ford Fund. Allegium is proud to support the Ford Fund Smart Mobility Challenge.

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Allegium is

  • a provider for sustainable mobility trainings and events
  • an international network of highly qualified driving trainers
  • a train-the-trainer academy
  • a consulting service provider for European project management, mobility research and sustainable mobility projects
  • a center of excellence for research and development in the field of driver education and training

Allegium has a broad experience in driver training and education, mobility research, and sustainable mobility projects. Allegium has serviced and cooperated with many international clients, municipalities and research institutions. Combining skills and knowledge from over 17 years of experience, Allegium is engaged in a broad international sustainable mobility network.

In this short YouTube video we would like to give you an understanding of the benefits and the practical implementation of Allegium




Allegium strives for sustainable mobility at minimum emissions and fatalities. Allegium Prevention Training enables smarter driving and contributes to establishing a more co-operative driving culture. Allegium is dedicated to Vision Zero.


Allegiums mission is a Sustainable Urban Mobility, balancing the three dimensions – social, economic and ecologic – . To achieve this we are training drivers and driver trainers, as driving behaviour is a most effective leverage to improve road safety and fuel economy. To go further, Allegiums mission is to convey the message of Sustainable Mobility by supporting and conducting research activities, sustainability projects and networking activities.

Allegium provides top-quality Driver Training world-wide in a broad portfolio of prevention training concepts on Driving Safety and Eco-Driving, tailor-made to meet specific wants and needs of fleet operators, retailers and private drivers.

Allegium conveys how to drive smarter, safer, healthier, more fuel-efficient and greener. Eco-Driving significantly lowers the carbon footprint of individual and fleet motoring and improves Health & Safety at the same time..

Allegium Driver Training

Driver Training

Allegium is an international network of highly qualified driver trainers conveying practical driving techniques and a co-operative mind-set to enable trainees to drive safer, healthier and more fuel efficient. Standardized Allegium prevention training courses can be conducted in many countries all over the world without loss of quality.


Allegium provides:

  • Broad portfolio of advanced driver training concepts
  • International network of experienced and qualified trainers
  • Train-the Trainer seminars
  • Customization of training courses

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Allegium Driver Training


Allegium provides consulting services to companies and institutions, enhancing effectiveness and success of sustainability events, projects or campaigns. With a long history in (european) project mangement and experience in applications for international funding opportunities for sustainability projects and research and development programs Allegium is a strong partner at your side.

Allegium provides:

  • Research and consulting on sustainable mobility communication, driver training and education
  • Project management and consulting on sustainable mobility projects
  • Consulting on the implementation of driver training programs and events

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Allegium Event Consulting

Sustainability Projects

Allegium is constantly supporting and conducting projects and campaigns to promote the idea of sustainable mobility and urban development. Become part of our network and support our activities.




Allegium provides:

  • Opportunities to participate in innovativ sustainable mobility projects
  • Benefit- and knowledge-pooling at network activities
  • Infotainment  through communication activities at trade fairs and events


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