Short Duration Training


During the pan-European project “ECOWILL” an effective short duration training on fuel-efficient driving has been developed and evaluated. In contrast to Eco-Driving trainings of several hours or even a full day´s duration, the “Short Duration Training” is focused only on the most relevant Eco-Driving principles. It is made for passenger cars up to 3.5 t GVM addressing high or low mileage drivers, novice or experienced, private or business drivers. The Allegium Short Duration Training is operated by highly experienced and ECOWILL-certified driving instructors.

Due to its benefits, Allegium Short Duration Training is especially indispensable for business drivers/ fleets:

  • Significant and sustainable fuel savings
  • Less wear and tear
  • Less accidents
  • Time-efficiency
  • Individual customisation to participants` conditions
  • Coaching method to encourage implementation of Eco-Driving


Essentials of Eco-Driving Short Duration Training

  • Individual 1:1 Eco-Driving Training (with driving safety inherent) for drivers of passenger cars/ vans (category B)
  • Easy-to-learn key techniques of Eco-Driving with highest impact and acceptance
  • Duration: some 60 mins.
  • Practice relevant as being on-road under trainee´s every-day conditions
  • Co-operational coaching didactics to foster acceptance of the contents: individual potentials identified by trainer but priorities set by trainee
  • Intervention measures designed to foster intrinsic motivation of driver trained
  • Credible demonstration of fuel saving effects of Eco-Driving techniques (comparing fuel consumption after vs. before training via on-board computer)
  • Compliance with all relevant national legal requirements ensured

Success factors for a sustainable behavioural change to Eco-Driving style

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