Allegium is

  • International Network of top-qualified and experienced Driver Trainers
  • Global Train-the-Trainer Academy
  • Center of Excellence in Driver Training as multi-expert knowledge pool

The board of Allegium consists of experts in driver education and mobility research bringing together skills and knowledge of over 15 years´ experience. Therefore and because of the highly sophisticated trainers employed, Allegium constitutes a genuine Center of Excellence in Driver Training. Allegium Board Members already worked with Ford, DVR (German Road Safety Council), EFA (European Driving Instructors´ Association), UNEP (Environmental Program of United Nations), BMW, Michelin, Renault, European Union and other key companies and organisations.

Allegium provides

  • Broad portfolio of advanced Driver Training Concepts for Health & Safety and Fuel Efficiency
  • Program Development for Driver Training
  • Organizing and Conducting Driver Training Courses
  • Customization of Allegium Training Courses
  • Consulting for Driver Training Programs and Events
  • Train-the-Trainer Seminars conducted by certified Master Trainers

Allegium is an international Network of highly qualified Driver Trainers conveying practical driving techniques and a co-operative mind-set to enable and convince trainees to drive safer, healthier and more fuel-efficient. Prevention training courses can be provided wherever demanded. As Allegium closely co-operates with EFA (European Driving Instructors´ Association), in any of its member countries seminars can be provided on acclamation. In all other countries, Allegium can offer to further educate local trainers to Driving Safety and Eco-Driving Experts in self-developed specific Train-the-Trainer Seminars in order to facilitate prevention training courses in the respective country.